Bake Along With Bake Off – Part 2

The baking continues amongst the growing bake off controversy and the questionable choice of ‘batter week’. Week 5 Pastry week – back where bake off is supposed to be. As I’ve made breakfast pastries before and because I had no idea what I’d do with 48 amuse-bouche Bakewell Tart was the obvious choice. The finished product was more ‘informal’ than I would have liked, but … Continue reading Bake Along With Bake Off – Part 2

Make Along with Mollie – Crochet Rug 

Three years ago my big sis got me the best birthday pressies ever, a subscription to Mollie Makes. Ever since I have been getting creative and wanted to share some of my Mollie Makes creations with you. In 2014 I moved into my new house and it was a great opportunity to focus on creating homewares. The Mollie Makes Crochet Rug was my first go … Continue reading Make Along with Mollie – Crochet Rug 

Bake along with Bake Off

I love baking, but rarely get round to doing any. So when Great British Bake Off started this year I thought: sod it, I’m getting involved. And so Bake along with Bake Off began. The rules are simple, pick whatever you fancy from the week’s signature, technical or showstopper challenges and get it baked before the next episode. Also, in the spirit of being adventurous, don’t just pick the … Continue reading Bake along with Bake Off