The Biggest Party of My Life – Our Wedding

On 25th July 2015 I married my partner Mark having been together since we were teenagers. When we got engaged the previous year we already knew that we did not want a big hotel or country house wedding, the idea of all the formality made us feel quite nervous. We were keen to have something much more relaxed and to try to keep it as … Continue reading The Biggest Party of My Life – Our Wedding

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Baby changing bags – do you really need one?

            When I discovered I was pregnant back in July I was delighted and instantly started researching all the things a baby needs in their life. The baby retail market is very much the same as the wedding market. Everything is overpriced and you are inundated with suggestions from friends, family and strangers about what you need to purchase. This advice and … Continue reading Baby changing bags – do you really need one?

Jackson Pollock Fondant Fancies

Feel free to pick your own artist to inspire you with these mini cakes. The mad-cap Pollock approach to decorating is a great relief after you spend hours carefully prepping your buttercream sides. Fondant Fancies Time: 6 hours… feel free to break this into two sittings, buttercream-ing the sides is by far the most time consuming and laborious. Ingredients For the cake 5 medium eggs, weigh … Continue reading Jackson Pollock Fondant Fancies

Bake Along with Bake Off – Part 3

And so we enter the final bake off stretch, and our final moments with Mel, Sue, Mary and the other one.  We begin with the most grasping-at-straws theme yet… Week 8 Tudor Week. No further comment. I really wasn’t feeling any of the recipes. But I’d been promising to make a pie. So I manned up and leaned into hot water crust pastry, but slightly … Continue reading Bake Along with Bake Off – Part 3