The Ikea bedroom makeover

When we moved into our house three years ago we decorated the back room first. Grey was our colour of choice and has remained so with the rest of the house.

Three years later and the room is looking cluttered, dark and unloved so a trip to Ikea and a few accessories later and it is transformed into a tranquil pastel haven.

The charity shop bed was replaced with a Ikea cheap alternative in white metal, the TV moved into the garage and the clutter removed.

A Mollie Makes gem garland now adorns the wall and adds a little colour. Accessories were gathered from around date house to dress the room including a pastel photo frame from Oliver Bonas and a vase which was a gift from a friend. The mirror was finally mounted on the wall and Ikea pastel pink cushions dress the bed. Ikea plant pots also provide a splash of colour.


A photo from a trip to Malaysia also provides a little bit of turquoise and a reminder of a great trip in 2012.


All it took to transform the room was a little imagine, a small amount of cash and a weekend. The room is really calm and relaxing and feels much more loved than before.


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