Baby changing bags – do you really need one?

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When I discovered I was pregnant back in July I was delighted and instantly started researching all the things a baby needs in their life. The baby retail market is very much the same as the wedding market. Everything is overpriced and you are inundated with suggestions from friends, family and strangers about what you need to purchase. This advice and guidance is very much appreciated but coupled with the adverts that suddenly bombard you through Google you can start to feel overwhelmed and feel the need to purchase everything at the top price.

The changing bag was the thing that got me stumped. I am not a massive fan of record style bags which tends to be the go to style for the baby changing bags. I have used a backpack throughout my pregnancy to try and balance the weight and I wanted a backpack changing bag for when Freddie arrived. I did not want a bag emblazoned with “Yummy Mummy”, that really isn’t me and embroidered cupcakes don’t really go with the majority of my clothes!

The style of the bags was not the only off putting point for me, the price of these bags is unbelievable. Amazon and eBay do do some cheap versions but again the style is compromised.

I wanted to simply use a black backpack that would go with most of my clothes. Other Mum’s and Dad’s suggested that the pockets is what you need to help you find everything. I found a backpack I liked from New Look which had several small pockets on the front but what I needed was a changing mat and somewhere to pop a change of clothes for Freddie for those messier days.

This is where the crafter in me came out and I searched the internet for a baby changing mat pattern that were simple enough for me to tackle. I found the following free pattern here. It is simple and there are two options of how to make it. I have tried both. I skipped adding the vinyl on the first chevron one and opted for iron on Vlieseline Vilene Lamifix matt for the second to make it wipe clean.

Express Mills supplied the Lamifix at £4.90 a metre. The chevron fabric is from John Lewis £12.00 per metre  as was the bias binding. Since making this I have found alternative sources of fabric and bias binding locally and this brings the cost down. With a metre of fabric I was also able to make a sandwich bag for a change of clothes.





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