Bake Along with Bake Off – Part 3

And so we enter the final bake off stretch, and our final moments with Mel, Sue, Mary and the other one.  We begin with the most grasping-at-straws theme yet…

Week 8

Tudor Week. No further comment. I really wasn’t feeling any of the recipes. But I’d been promising to make a pie. So I manned up and leaned into hot water crust pastry, but slightly avoided the theme. Instead I attempted a Candice-inspired Tetris-shaped Macaroni Cheese Pies. Carb on Carb on Cheese. A delight, and recipe here.


Week 9

As I’ve been baking a week behind (after each episode aired), this timed with the final. I wanted to go out with a bang and a bake the encompassed the whole reason I started bake along with bake off… finally getting round to baking things that I’d always wanted to try. So  behold the Jackson Pollock-inspired fondant fancies that took me a least twice as long as the bakers had. Hats off to their awesomeness. Recipe here.


Week 10

The end. Bake along with bake off, you’ve been a blast.


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