Bake Along With Bake Off – Part 2

The baking continues amongst the growing bake off controversy and the questionable choice of ‘batter week’.

Week 5

Pastry week – back where bake off is supposed to be. As I’ve made breakfast pastries before and because I had no idea what I’d do with 48 amuse-bouche Bakewell Tart was the obvious choice.


The finished product was more ‘informal’ than I would have liked, but the whole thing was very straightforward and tasted great. Again I opted for Mary’s official recipe and again I didn’t make the jam (had a jar left over from the whirls). The icing was much more stressful than I expected, the white dries incredibly quickly and the pink just sits there if you don’t get on it immediately. Be warned.

Week 6

Botanicals Week which happily coincided with my housemates birthday so the floral showstopper was a no-brainer.

And for the first time I just made up my own recipe – Elderflower Eton Meringue Mess – decorated with  little help from other housemate. We went for a single tier and a Benjamina-esque naked cake. Full recipe here.

Week 7

Desserts, a classic. I was planning on a roulade but instead got ill and ended making a frantic tiered mousse cake which was completed seconds before Tudor week began. No my finest work. It’s basically circles of a basic chocolate sponge layered up with white chocolate mousse (recipe here) and raspberries and then white chocolate shavings on top.


To tudor week! Or you can read about weeks 1-4 here.


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