Cement Tealight Holders 

We have been really enjoying the industrial take on homeware which has been a round for a while now but have resisted purchasing anything made of cement feeling that we could make it ourselves. At last we got round to giving it a go at home by making these simple cement tealight holders.

We went for a regular dodecahedron shape  for our design but I am pretty sure the same method would work for any shape you fancy.

What you need:

  • Cement (we used Blue Circle Extra Rapid Cement available from most DIY stores)
  • Water
  • Cereal box or cardboard
  • Tape – sellotape and gaffer tape
  • Vegetable oil and a paint brush – to lubricate the mould
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • A net of the shape you want your tealight holder to be
  • Pritt-stick or glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Ruler
  • A tealight candle

How to make it: 
Making the mould

  1. Find the net of the shape candle holder you want to make and print a copy at the desired size. We found ours at GreatLittleMinds but there are plenty of free downloads online aimed at maths teachers that come in handy
  2. Glue the net to the cereal box or cardboard. If you are using a cereal box, stick the net on the printed side
  3. Cut out the net, don’t forget to leave tabs for sticking the shape together
  4. Cut out the cardboard net
  5. Score the lines that you will need to fold
  6. Fold the net and start sticking the net together using the sellotape, keeping the tabs on the outside will keep the edges of the mould nice and crisp
  7. For extra strength we gaffer taped the mould
  8. Once the mould is complete use some vegetable oil and a paintbrush to coat the inside, this will prevent the cardboard sticking to the mould
  9. Drop the tealight upside down into the mould and try your best to make it central as this will be where it will stay when the cement is dry

Preparing the cement

  1. We used Blue Circle Extra Rapid Cement available from most DIY stores but you could use Craft Concrete
  2. Add water and follow the packet instructions to get the right consistency, we free styled this bit and simply kept stirring until it was the consistency of a good sponge mix and the lumps were at a minimum
  3. Pour the cement into the mould, tap gently to remove any air bubbles
  4. Leave to dry for the time suggested on the cement, we left ours overnight

Finishing touches

  1. Once dry peel off the mould
  2. Use sandpaper to neaten any edges
  3. Display with pride.





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